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Professional Translations since 1981
We translate: Software, Financial reports, Contracts, Manuals, Press Releases, Brochures, Leaflets, Websites, Standard Operating Procedures, Guidelines, Articles for industry journals, Legal documents.

Related services include: Draft Correction, Editing, Localization, Sworn/Certified Translations, Desktop Publishing, Transcriptions.

Communicate with the World

The main fields in which we work include:

  • Information Technology, Electronics, Telecommunications
  • Pharmaceuticals, Medicine, Medical Technology
  • Economics, Finance, Law
  • Engineering, Metalworking
  • Advertising, Marketing
  • Tourism
  • Food & Beverage
  • Cosmetics

With Over 30 Years of Experience, You Get:



At Language Laboratory, we have the skills you need to ensure high-quality results

On-Time Delivery


Because here, delivery dates are a fundamental objective



Thanks to the care and commitment of our project managers, focused on every detail of your specific needs!

Translations for your business

The following is a list of the languages we work with most:

  • Italian, English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese
  • Greek, Turkish, Hebrew, Arabic
  • Chinese, Japanese, Korean
  • Russian, Polish, Romanian, Bulgarian, Serbian, Slovakian, Slovenian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Croatian, Czech, Hungarian
  • Dutch, Danish, Finnish, Icelandic, Norwegian, Swedish

We are also able to organize dedicated teams quickly for all languages not shown in this list.

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