Quality translations, Document localization, Multi-language
project management, Mother-tongue interpreters, and all other
language services.

Whether you’re looking for quality translations and localizations, multi-language project management, mother-tongue interpreters, or any other language-related service – to and from European and non-European languages – Language Laboratory has what you need!

Language Laboratory is a dynamic, experienced language service provider that ensures professionalism, flexibility, and speed of response.

In the translation industry since 1981, we provide custom solutions for all your language needs using an organizational structure designed for customer satisfaction. The experience we have gained over the course of our many years in the industry enables us to assist you in managing every language-related detail of your communication needs.

A professional translation is, without doubt, the best way to take advantage of opportunities and to grow a successful business.
Our established network of expert linguists, all native speakers of their target language, enables us to provide a full range of services in the languages and fields you need most.

Over time, we have kept abreast of the evolution of technology and have adopted the tools needed to provide the best service.
This includes, for example, specialized software that ensures terminological consistency.

Thanks to our advanced knowledge and expertise, we are a benchmark for language service providers both in Italy and abroad.

We ensure the full confidentiality of the information you entrust to us.

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